I’m trying to remember the year…it must have been about 2000 and I got my hands on a Casio Cassiopeia. I thought the feature that allowed you to beam your contact info or virtual business card to other PDAs was one of the coolest. While it was a cool feature in never really became mainstream.

Fast forward to 2011, smart phones and hand held computing devices have definitely matured. One of the apps I’m most impresses with is bump. This technology takes the “beam my contact info” to a whole new level. Its now possible to beam or bump as I will now refer to it all types of different content between devices.

Within bump I was struggling with how to setup two different contacts for myself, I wanted one for business info and one for personnel info. I checked the bump web site, tuned to google and still couldn’t find the answer so I emailed bump. When I download a free app I don’t have an expectation of getting good customer service, matter of fact I don’t expect the free app comes with any customer service. To my (pleasant) surprise bump replied to my email in less than 12 hours. After providing bump with the platform I was using they quickly emailed me back the instructions to accomplish what I was looking to do. Here are the steps that Sadie from Bump Technologies, Inc. sent me:

How to create multiple profiles in bump (iOS)

  1. Start by filling out your contact card to include all of your information. Work and personal alike. Select save profile as something like “all info” or something you’ll recognize later.
  2. Once you have finished that open up the ‘Contacts’ tab. You should see all of your information laid out. Then all you need to do is tap on all of your work information so that there is a check mark next to each line, and your personal information will be dimmed.
  3. Scroll down and hit “save as a profile..” and type in a name to indicate that profile will be used strictly for professional networking.
  4. Then do the same but for your personal information, make sure each line has a check next to it and each of your professional info is dimmed. Hit “save as a profile..” and name it.

These directions were easy to follow and accomplished what I was looking to do. Bump also offered to walk me through the process over the phone if I was still having issues.

Bump is an innovative and useful product with excellent customer service!


Disclaimer: I received this app free of charge. However everyone can do the same, the app currently retails for free. (Possibly only for a limited time)

When I downloaded the Dragon dictation app I didn’t have very high expectations but the price was right…FREE. At best I was hoping for about a 75% accuracy and I figured I’d play around with it a bit then delete it. The user interface is clean and simple, the app doesn’t try to do too much.

With my first try I spoke 12 words and it got 11 out of 12 correct. The word that was dictated wrong was easy to correct with a drop down menu or opening the keyboard. My next test was to include some, well how should I put this…adult language. Dragon handled it like a champ and got 100% accuracy while included one “*” in each word. These tests were done in my (somewhat quiet) office, I figured the real test was while driving home. I was impressed that in a noisier environment the dictation was surprisingly accurate missing only 1 out of 10 words.

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Disclaimer: I’m a pretty big fan of Apple and the iPhone. That being said I was letdown when the iPhone launched without a way to sync tasks to & from iCal. When third-party apps were added to the iPhone OS there were some options available to fill this void however they were lacking in the notification department. Finally the introduction of “push” technology addressed the lacking notification issue.

For the past few months I was (happily) using Todo developed by Appigo. The user-interface is good, the synchronization between the app and iCal was effective & push notifications worked most of the time. A couple of times I contacted Appigo customer service and got prompt/helpful feedback. Todo retails for $9.99 and has a four star average rating.

After using Todo for awhile I didn’t really think I was in the market for a similar app, especially for another paid app but then came 2Do

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