Why Social Media?

Remember when you didn’t know what a former co-worker thought of the big game or made for dinner tonight? I do. But today, I can tell you when people are stuck at the airport or their kids painted their faces with lipstick (pictures to prove it).

Social Media and updating everyone on daily activities (sometimes hourly activities) is here to stay. Now it’s just getting through the filter and making sure you are using these opportunities to the fullest for your company. Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media avenues is a very tricky process. When people feel like it’s a marketing message, you have lost their attention. But if you can creatively entice people to believe that you are part of this social scene, you’re golden.

Why implement Social Media into your marketing mix? It’s simple. This is a highly targeted audience that has said “I want to hear from you and what you have to offer me.” Does it get any better than that? I think not. Now it’s just creating enticing ways to get people interested in “following” or becoming a “fan” of yours. I find that flowers and cookies get expensive.

One example of creating value…we work with a client that solely tries to get “heads in beds.” You got it. Hotel industry. We came up with a creative social media approach during the Washington Summer Heat Wave 2009. (Insert smirk here) It was as simple as: “You don’t have air conditioning? We do.” Suddenly renting a hotel room for the night becomes a life saver and was directly targeted just for you! How thoughtful, right?

It’s all about the approach and how creative you can get to make sure people do not feel like they are being pitched, but that they found this special offer just for them. This is the same spot they talk to their friends, family and value their social relationships.

Your relationship with this direct audience becomes part of their social media experience. The same place they check to see how their sister’s kids are growing each day, you become part of this close network of people they trust.

Now the question is…how do you do it? How do you stand out from the clutter and get people to want to include you within their social network? It’s simple…you get “Creative”.

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