With a quick run through the posts here on our blog its obvious we cover a wide…WIDE range of topics. I think that’s actually one of the things I like most about blogs, the opportunity for flexibility that is sometimes missing in traditional web sites. This blog post is really going to go outside the lines & cover the review of a Seattle laundry service.

The back-story, for the first time in my 35+ years I have an apartment without a washer or dryer in the unit. Its true…I have to walk outside, down two short flights of stairs to an on site coin operated machine. All the other pro’s for the apartment made up for this one con. As it turns out doing laundry has been a bigger thorn in my side than I expected. In the past I had tried taking my laundry to a dry cleaner to be done by the pound. It was kind of a hassle to drop-off/pickup & was way too expensive (close to $90).

Back in December I ran across a review on Yelp for a laundry service called Laundry Shark. The reviews were pretty consistent that the service was topnotch, reasonably priced & very fast. The only negative I came across was the confusing online ordering interface.

This week I figured enough was enough & Mt. Laundry needed to be tackled. First thing I did was spend some quality time on the web site trying to figure out the ordering protocol. Once I thought I had it figured out I emailed the info address got a quick reply (on a Sunday) that it sounded like I was correct with my order.

You have control over every step of your clothes getting cleaned, water temp, detergent, fabric softener, bleach & even drying temperature. You also indicate the pickup and drop-off windows of time you want. I placed the order on Monday, scheduled pickup for Tuesday morning & drop-off on Tuesday evening.

Overall the cost for 6 large loads was $20. Normally the same about of laundry would require $12-$15 in quarters and a few hours of up and down the stairs as well as folding (not to mention the cost of detergent). Now on one hand I want it to be known that its a great value but on the other I don’t want their rates to go up…

Pickup and delivery was flawless, I added a note in my order that I would prefer they use the back door for convenience. Just as scheduled a gentlemen in a suit, tie & while gloves (think butler not surgeon with the gloves) showed up to pickup the dirty & deliver the clean clothes. I even tried to tip the delivery person and he wouldn’t accept it.

Other than a random load here or there I won’t tackle a pile of laundry as long as the Laundry Shark is around.

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