It’s that time of year again; the time when the air gets a little colder, snow flakes fall from the sky, and it feels great to bundle up under a nice warm blanket on a cold winter’s evening. Wait -

No, it’s not that time of year (yet). It’s the time of year when sticking your hands inside a freshly-opened squash and pulling out its slimy tangled guts seems like a really good idea. So, in the spirit of tradition, Bullseye employees rolled up their sleeves, removed watches (almost), and got to work creating the best jack-o-lanterns in Seattle.

Bullseye Creative pumpkins!

The event kicked off with picking pumpkins, giving them a quick bath, cutting the tops, and removing the seeds. It got pretty messy, but bags were provided.

Removing the seeds

Travis then decided that Heather’s pumpkin made a good hat.

Travis wears Heather's pumpkin.

As people settled into their designs, unique style really started to emerge from the crew. Continuing to buck the trend (but not while wearing Heather’s pumpkin), Travis broke out the power drill and crafted a one-of-a-kind pumpkin from spare parts found around the office. Eventually the finished pumpkins began to take their place near James’ desk for lighting and photos.

Want to see how they turned out? Check out our Facebook page to vote for your favorite!

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