I love AMC’s series Madmen. It goes back to a golden yet seedy time in the history of advertising. Overall it may be accurate to say it goes back to a golden yet seedy time in American culture. Having worked in Advertising & at a creative firm for a number of years relating to the show is fun however I get funny looks when I light up in my office or hit the scotch at 10 am. The only thing I dislike about the show is how short the season is. It seems like its over far too quickly.

Thanks to NETFLIX I got a great Madmen fix by watching Lover Come Back (1961). It starred Rock Hudson, Doris Day & Tony Randal. The movie included all the great elements of Madmen as well as a ton of the seedy ones…

Top ten highlights (or low lights) of working in the advertising/creative business during the 1960’s as witnessed on Madmen and Lover Come Back:

1. Desk drawers could be counted on having a change of clothes

2. It was years before the impact of alcohol on the liver was fully understood

3. Strippers with Confederate flag bikinis were legitimate business tools

4. Print advertising worked

5. With Lucky Strike as a client you didn’t ever have to pay for cigarettes

6. Heart attacks got you more than a week off work

7. Typewriters made such a soothing sound

8. All creative was story-boarded

9. There didn’t seem to be a casual Friday

10. You had to actually answer the phone to know who’s calling (well your Secretary had to)

If you need a Madmen fix be sure to check out Lover Come Back…

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