Disclaimer: I’m a pretty big fan of Apple and the iPhone. That being said I was letdown when the iPhone launched without a way to sync tasks to & from iCal. When third-party apps were added to the iPhone OS there were some options available to fill this void however they were lacking in the notification department. Finally the introduction of “push” technology addressed the lacking notification issue.

For the past few months I was (happily) using Todo developed by Appigo. The user-interface is good, the synchronization between the app and iCal was effective & push notifications worked most of the time. A couple of times I contacted Appigo customer service and got prompt/helpful feedback. Todo retails for $9.99 and has a four star average rating.

After using Todo for awhile I didn’t really think I was in the market for a similar app, especially for another paid app but then came 2Do

I read a couple of reviews of 2Do and saw some screen shots, the user-interface looked quite polished & the feature list was impressive. After some though and a sale price I broke down and purchased 2Do. Saying the UI is polished is an understatement, 2Do has taken iPhone UI to a new level. The design is extremely useful/intuitive, the UI is customizable & the features are really well thought out. Syncing with iCal seamless & so far Push notifications have worked great. 2Do retails for $5.99 and also has a four star average rating.

Wrapping it all up…I was happy with Todo but 2Do has taken UI & features to a new level that all iPhone apps should shoot for. Now back to knocking things off the 2Do list.

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