I found these posters yesterday and was determined to make them mine!

STAR WARS Posters : by Olly Moss

The theme is minimalist but with a lot of attention to each movie plot (ie: C3-PO’s eyes are the 2 moons on Tatooine), and I really dig the three monochromatic color palettes. So after doing a bit of research I found that they were designed by Olly Moss who does a lot of licensed work, and the pieces were going to be released in limited numbers at $500 a piece! I wasn’t so excited anymore. But, as I am now, still very much appreciative of the artist’s take, style and overall execution. This is a great find and to all those lucky individuals that have $1500 to purchase them, I am very jealous that you own this very limited set and have that kind of money to throw around for posters… May the fiscal force be with you.

Here are some higher res versions so you can see the details for yourself.

Star Wars Poster : Olly Moss

Empire Strikes Back Poster : Olly Moss

Return of the Jedi Poster : Olly Moss

So as any great piece of artwork that I come across and can’t physically own, I will file this little seed away into the vault of inspiration so one day it may grow into a new idea for a future project. As an artist it’s important to explore and analyze the things we find, you never know when or what you will use it for… The idea may just become a shade in a design, but it’s how we get somewhere that makes the journey all the more meaningful. It can be quite the process.


Here’s what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. Robb decided he wanted to update our reader-board in our entryway with a nice holiday message. His original take was funny, if perhaps a little blunt:

happy effing holidays

Then, with a spark of creative holiday spirit (and the change of a single letter), he changed it to the more festive display:

happy elfing holidays

Well done, Robb. And “Happy Elfing Holidays” to you too.

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