I’m trying to remember the year…it must have been about 2000 and I got my hands on a Casio Cassiopeia. I thought the feature that allowed you to beam your contact info or virtual business card to other PDAs was one of the coolest. While it was a cool feature in never really became mainstream.

Fast forward to 2011, smart phones and hand held computing devices have definitely matured. One of the apps I’m most impresses with is bump. This technology takes the “beam my contact info” to a whole new level. Its now possible to beam or bump as I will now refer to it all types of different content between devices.

Within bump I was struggling with how to setup two different contacts for myself, I wanted one for business info and one for personnel info. I checked the bump web site, tuned to google and still couldn’t find the answer so I emailed bump. When I download a free app I don’t have an expectation of getting good customer service, matter of fact I don’t expect the free app comes with any customer service. To my (pleasant) surprise bump replied to my email in less than 12 hours. After providing bump with the platform I was using they quickly emailed me back the instructions to accomplish what I was looking to do. Here are the steps that Sadie from Bump Technologies, Inc. sent me:

How to create multiple profiles in bump (iOS)

  1. Start by filling out your contact card to include all of your information. Work and personal alike. Select save profile as something like “all info” or something you’ll recognize later.
  2. Once you have finished that open up the ‘Contacts’ tab. You should see all of your information laid out. Then all you need to do is tap on all of your work information so that there is a check mark next to each line, and your personal information will be dimmed.
  3. Scroll down and hit “save as a profile..” and type in a name to indicate that profile will be used strictly for professional networking.
  4. Then do the same but for your personal information, make sure each line has a check next to it and each of your professional info is dimmed. Hit “save as a profile..” and name it.

These directions were easy to follow and accomplished what I was looking to do. Bump also offered to walk me through the process over the phone if I was still having issues.

Bump is an innovative and useful product with excellent customer service!


I found these posters yesterday and was determined to make them mine!

STAR WARS Posters : by Olly Moss

The theme is minimalist but with a lot of attention to each movie plot (ie: C3-PO’s eyes are the 2 moons on Tatooine), and I really dig the three monochromatic color palettes. So after doing a bit of research I found that they were designed by Olly Moss who does a lot of licensed work, and the pieces were going to be released in limited numbers at $500 a piece! I wasn’t so excited anymore. But, as I am now, still very much appreciative of the artist’s take, style and overall execution. This is a great find and to all those lucky individuals that have $1500 to purchase them, I am very jealous that you own this very limited set and have that kind of money to throw around for posters… May the fiscal force be with you.

Here are some higher res versions so you can see the details for yourself.

Star Wars Poster : Olly Moss

Empire Strikes Back Poster : Olly Moss

Return of the Jedi Poster : Olly Moss

So as any great piece of artwork that I come across and can’t physically own, I will file this little seed away into the vault of inspiration so one day it may grow into a new idea for a future project. As an artist it’s important to explore and analyze the things we find, you never know when or what you will use it for… The idea may just become a shade in a design, but it’s how we get somewhere that makes the journey all the more meaningful. It can be quite the process.


Here’s what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. Robb decided he wanted to update our reader-board in our entryway with a nice holiday message. His original take was funny, if perhaps a little blunt:

happy effing holidays

Then, with a spark of creative holiday spirit (and the change of a single letter), he changed it to the more festive display:

happy elfing holidays

Well done, Robb. And “Happy Elfing Holidays” to you too.


No this post does not have anything to do with Bullseye Creative implementing pre-employment drug testing. It does however have to do with some of our design work making it into the hit show Weeds (season 6, episode 2). This episode features the Botwin’s deciding its time to invent new identities, in doing so they find themselves in the bedroom of the moody teenage fake ID peddler “The Chinaman”. While in the Chinaman’s bedroom there’s a poster on his wall from the Emerald City Comicon with the logo and other designs by Bullseye Creative.

Overall we’ve been proud of the work we did for the Emerald City Comicon, it’s creative, within an industry we’re passionate about and the work helped make the 2010 show be the highest attended in the history of the event. Seeing the poster in the background of a Weeds episode is just icing on the cake.

Below are some additional samples of work Bullseye Creative designed and produced for the Emerald City Comicon:

Emerald City Comicon Logo

Emerald City Comicon Pass

Inall the work Bullseye Creative executed for this event included brand development, campaign creative, poster design, event program design, signage, Internet banner ads, print ads, bus ads, as well as TV and radio creative. Currently Bullseye is getting busy on the 2011 Emerald City Comicon design work, we’ve got a few new ideas up our selves…stay tuned.


Eat your heart out Babies R Us. My new VIP parking. Just another reason I love Bullseye. Thanks guys!

My new parking spot


A true classic never dies, but it can be replaced and not always by a worthy successor. “Nobody likes a change for the worst!” A conversation I had with Mr. Jimmy James a few weeks back still echoes in my mind from time to time. I had mentioned a re-design of the Bay Area Rapid Transit map (aka B.A.R.T.) and how it’s now a much simpler design. True, it’s now less geographically accurate but it’s much easier to read. There is some controversy over the new design in the Bay Area and some extreme adaptations.

Sometimes designers get lost with all the information they need to display and never achieve an intuitive design that is visually compelling. This philosophy is true for much in the world, making designs user friendly and not just maps. But I’m trying to make a point, so here goes.

I recently traveled to London and used their underground transit system, at first like anything new, it took a few minutes for me to understand all the routes and how the system functioned. But once I got the hang of it, the map was ingenious in its simplicity. In actuality the routes are not as simple as shown, but are laid out in equal increments of one another, at straight or 45 degree angles and have bright primary colors for visibility. The new B.A.R.T. map is very similar to the Underground map but is simpler by nature with less information to display. London is a crazy network of streets and tunnels similar to New York. They too updated their map recently, the map from 1972 seems to be the best so far (Apparently this design style was common in the past) and they abandoned the simpler look only a few years later. I’m sure the locals were not happy with the change…I wouldn’t have been.

The designers of the world create the visual tone of a city (or a country) much like a skyline can define it, so can its signage. I appreciate it when they make a point to welcome a newcomer, not confuse the shhh out of them! I’ve had a few instances driving around the greater Seattle area, getting use to some of the freeway exits and where they were in relation to the signs. Other than that its been a smooth transition and I really enjoy my new home, Los Angeles was crazy city in comparison, as I’m sure you’ll all agree… even if you’ve never been.

While writing this blog I stumbled across this map of all the major freeways and cities in united states. The artist uses the London Underground diagram as his inspiration. Jimmy Jam also mentioned that all odd numbered freeways (like I-5) run North/South and all even freeways (like I-90) run West/East , I knew this subconsciously I swear.


So to sum up, I love change… for the better. I love good designs and great ideas. Especially when they come together as one. I used a Mini-Disc player for years. Until a portable hard drive you could listen to became an option, but thats another story.


Perhaps I should qualify that headline to the more accurately titled, “The Top Ten Team-Ups in Comics Today, From The Pool of Books on the Subscription List of Peter A. Klauser (me).” As a long-time reader, the term “Team-Up” in comics conjures images of Spider-Man pairing up on the pages with Daredevil, or the good & noble Superman joining forces with dark & brooding Batman. But, for the sake of my article, I am choosing to focus the duo behind the pages … the writers or artists that come together to make magic. Wonder twins activate:

Batman and Robin by Frank Miller and Jim Lee#10. Frank Miller and Jim Lee: Batman and Robin

Frank Miller has always been a writer that I have enjoyed reading (and his artwork is just as dark and dramatic). The work he has been turning out with Jim Lee on the Batman and Robin title is some of his best. Miller has visited this character many times in the past, and each time he has brought something special to the book. However, with the help of Lee, this title is some of the gruffest, roughest work I’ve seen featuring the Dark Knight. The duo often lets many months lapse between titles (I suppose that’s the byproduct of Miller’s new career in film), but it’s always worth the wait.

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MRJ Constructors had outgrown its original web site, the technology and design were outdated. The core objective of MRJ Constructors’ new web site was to demonstrate their capabilities for large commercial construction projects. Secondary objectives included streamlining updates to the web site through a content management system and featuring photography throughout the site.

Bullseye Creative designed a new web site for MRJ Constructors that featured full screen background images of large commercial construction projects. Without reading a word of the text, the web site imagery defines the capabilities. The content management system needed to be developed with special features such as photo resizing and cropping to effectively handle the portfolio photo galleries. Organization of projects and project types was also an important feature of the content management system and future web site growth. In over a year now, MRJ Constructors has been able to make all the required web site updates through the content management system.

MRJ Constructors' Homepage

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Straight from the 2010 Emerald City Comicon

This is the Hellboy Header Image

Since there was considerable interest in last week’s pre-Comicon sketchbook post, I figured y’all might get a charge out of seeing a sample of the latest additions to our collections. Peter gained a couple of nice Dr. Doom Sketches and I added a few to my Hellboy book! Hope you like..

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Yes, we really do. Literally. We’re in the business of developing long-term relationships (that rock) with our clients that extend beyond their brands and campaigns. What our clients love about us, besides our (rockin’) work, is that we become a part of their lives, and they become a part of ours. Every few years or so, we throw a party to celebrate our company birthday and we always invite our clients to be a part of the celebration.

Our favorite party to date, and one that our clients talk about most, is our “Bullseye Turns It Up To 11″ party. Planning began many months before the big night. We held many brainstorming sessions with the creative crew discussing exactly how we’d like to wow our clients, friends, family and ourselves this time around. We chose our party’s theme for three important reasons. First, because our Bullseye family was 11 years old. Secondly, Bullseye is Seattle’s loudest Rock n Roll firm – so we needed to represent that in the creative. Lastly, we are lovers of pop culture. For the uninitiated, the phrase “turning it up to 11″ or “this one goes to 11″ is a popular line from famous mockumentary, “This is Spinal Tap”. Wikipedia describes “Up to eleven” or “these go to eleven” as phrases from pop culture which have come to mean anything being exploited to its utmost abilities (which is what we do). Similarly, the expression “turning it up to eleven” may refer to the act of taking something to an extreme. (Like marketing, and great creative!) This made a Spinal Tap themed party the obvious choice.

Watch this video snippet and you’ll see what we mean.

In true rock fashion, we sent out signed and numbered screen-printed concert posters as invitations, with a follow up online RSVP. We prepped our office, turning it into a rock club and painted rockstar quotes and a 13-foot winged and flaming Bullseye logo on our walls. We hired The Great Nabob as bartenders and brainstormed specialty rock drinks as well as contracted Gallucci’s Catering to design, cook and serve our rock menu. One of our favorite rock-star quotes, “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You” (AC/DC) stands as a testament to how we see our clients – as those about to rock. Our clients had a great time that night – they got an opportunity to see a different creative side of Bullseye, and we got to show them how much we appreciate them. Bottom line is, we rocked it.

We created an online post-party site. Check it out. Stay tuned for news of the next over-the-top event!

Seattle's Loudest Rock-N-Roll Creative Agency


To encourage students of the on-line educational program Insight Schools to check in with the platform regularly, Bullseye Creative worked with partner, Team Soapbox, to develop and deliver a frequency participation program. The campaign awarded students for logging into their schooling system on a daily basis. Bullseye designed and developed a custom “Build a Band” Flash game where students would be able to interact with a progressively expanding collection of musicians, instruments, backgrounds, special effects, and more. In the end, an accumulating point total also rewarded the students with fun gifts and prizes. The “Insight Rocks” campaign was a smashing success with the students as the participation was high and the post-campaign feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Bullseye Creative developed a mini version of the overall game to be used as a demo. Elements of the game have been changed to make a quick demo possible, visit http://buildabandgame.bullseyeclient.net for a sample of the game interaction.

Insight Schools, Insight Rocks Build a Band Game

Screenshot From the Build a Band Game

Interactive online games continue to grow, Facebook has effectively leveraged this phenomenon. In Aug of 2009 Facebook had over 11 million daily users of Farmville (Source mashable.com). Last week Myspace announced they think (hope) gaming can save its platform.

Online interactive games can have objectives that range from advertising (advergaming info), pay-to-play models or even education. One thing’s for sure, consumers spend a lot of time interacting with online games, that could be time spent interacting with your company’s brand.


A Cool Project for Any Fan of Comics

This is a Header Image of Dr. Doom

I Just wanted to drop a quick post on you — in light of the Emerald City Comicon coming to Seattle March 13 and 14. A number of years back, when Peter and I started going to this particular show, we got an idea from our friend-in-comics, Jim Demonakos, to create a book of illustrations from industry artists coming to the show. As many people know, the artists will gladly sketch something for you, if asked (a small fee might be necessary). Sometimes they’ll even do it for FREE!

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